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We are providing C-TPAT Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorismcertification Consultancy, Supply chain custom securityServices, C-TPAT services in Delhi, C-TPAT certification consulting in India, C-TPAT certification Consultancy for ransportation of goods, cargo& shipping.

Details :

C-TPAT (Customs & Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) is a joint US government and business voluntary program to construct supportive relationships that reinforce the global supply chain and border security by improving security in regards to transportation of goods, cargo, and persons during the course of the commercial shipping process. During the audit, the following areas are covered: Personnel Security, Physical Security, Information Systems Technology, Workplace Training & Awareness, Physical Access Controls, and Trailer/Container Security.


  • Benefits :
  • Reduced time and cost of getting cargo released
  • Reduced insurance rates
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Assigned C-TPAT Supply Chain Security Specialist
  • Reduced number of CBP inspections
  • You prove your trustworthiness as a company that partners with U.S. businesses
  • Support from a C-TPAT Supply Chain Security Specialist - in cooperation with the U.S. authorities
  • You participate in the target agreement program of the U.S. customs authorities
  • Preferential treatment on imports to Canada and Mexico
  • Your employees are eligible to participate in U.S. customs authorities training programs.

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