Prime Vision Consultancy Services

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We are engaged in offering consultancy over BRC certification to Consumer Products, Food, Packaging and Storage Suppliers. The standard or guidelines of BRC Certification has been adopted by food manufacturers all over the globe, especially by organizations that are supplying to British retailers. Herein, third-party certification up to the standard helps manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers to safeguards consumers in a way fulfilling their legal obligations.

Benefits of BRC :

  • It helps to develop respect for an organization among its customers, stockholders, employees, and competitors which demonstrates its commitment to food safety and/or packaging regulations.
  • It initiates in dropping operating cost as the rework reduces, credits increased efficiency, as well as reduction of non-compliance penalties.
    • Improved credentials to supply retailers
    • A proven commitment to manufacture safe food
    • An enhanced food safety management system thereby food safety
    • Reduce the requirement for suppliersâ�� audits
    • Increased customer confidence

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